My name is Lakrisha West, Owner Operator of Consultants On Demand LLC out of Springfield, TN. 
I specialize in business formation, marketing, and building self confidence while becoming an entrepreneur. 
I have always had a niche for helping people and over the years have gained a substantial amount of knowledge 
when it comes to anything dealing with running a business. I’ve always been the go to person to handle affairs
 for people like family, friends, husband you name it. My company is just that. 
I’m the person you hire to hold your hand and make sure you understand the process of becoming a business owner every 
step of the way. Also COD serves as the go to for maintaining your setup, such as taxation, hiring employees, 
compliance assistance. Even down to designing websites, patents, trademarks, mobile notary services,and more 
You name it COD can do it. If I can’t, I have a wide network of people that can and I will be more than glad to make 
those connections for you. I’ve actually stepped out on faith here recently by leaving my day time job and going in full
 throttle with COD. Something that seems so hard to do especially if you have a little person depending on you. 
Like so many I let that fear hold me back for so long and even encouraged others while I still held on to fear myself. 
I just want to push others to their full potential and make sure you are confident in every move you make when it comes
 to the future of your business.